We Match an intended Parent with Ideal Surrogate

The matching process (with time frame):

We always strive to have many surrogate candidates available during all time to provide every client with equal opportunity for a well-suited match. This may be as short as a few days or as long as several months.

Step 1: Consultation (1-2 months)
Interested parents should start by scheduling a consultation with us. This can be coordinated by phone, in person or Skype.

Step 2: Medical/psychological evaluation of the surrogate with the fertility physician (2-6 weeks)

Step 3: Confirm an ideal surrogate mother (2-6 months, depends on the IP's standard etc.)

  1. Psychological consult for the parents (1-4 weeks)
  2. Medical evaluation of the parents (1-4 weeks)
  3. Review of health Insurance for surrogate, child & parents (1-2 weeks)
  4. Agency match agreement between parents and surrogate (1-4 weeks)
  5. Establish the escrow account (1-2 weeks)
  6. Legal Contract Process (2-6 weeks)
  7. IVF cycle (3-4 weeks)
  8. First pregnancy test following the embryo transfer (10-15 days)
  9. The case manager will attend several appoints with the surrogate during each stage of the pregnancy (37-40 weeks)
  10. When your surrogate reaches approximately 12-14 weeks gestation (of the pregnancy) we will assist you with facilitating the necessary steps with your attorney to complete the pre-birth order
  11. Birth. All our surrogates are required to give birth in California


Q1: Where will surrogate mother give birth?

All our Surrogates are required to give birth in California. We would prefer you to utilize the same hospital and obstetrician you worked with for your own pregnancies/births. If this cannot be accommodated, (OB physician is no longer practicing/hospital does not have sufficient resources for complication or multiples) then we will assist you with locating another obstetrician, specialist and/or hospital closest to your home.

Q2: How am I paid during this Surrogacy Arrangement?

All compensation installments and/or expenses reimbursements will be paid by an escrow holding company. You will be required to complete an expense/compensation payment form each month, which will first be reviewed by our office. A copy of this form will also be provided to your Intended Parents who may also need to sign and authorize payment.

Q3: How do we ensure our names are put on the birth certificate?

Your select attorney will prepare the Judgement of Parentage (pre-birth court order) at approximately 24-48 weeks of the pregnancy which shall be issued by the court of appropriate county jurisdiction and obtained before the birth of the child. This will then be provided to the hospital with instructions to put the intended parent's names on the birth certificate.