Why Choose California?

California has a reputation for having the most technologically superior medical care for assisted reproductive/fertility related treatment in the world. Available fertility treatment options include cutting edge genetic testing, gender selection options and the highest pregnancy success rates. As a "surrogate friendly" state, California also provides a strong legal and social setting very position for this process. We know in many countries, legally or socially, surrogacy presents significant challenges making this option not possible for most. California is one of the most desirable states in the US and worldwide to pursue surrogacy. Most international clients find their surrogacy experience in California to be very welcoming and supportive.

Our Housing Service in California

We recognize frequent travel to California for your surrogacy arrangement is taunting. We provide a top-notch one-stop service from accommodating your daily life in the United States, to providing you professional service to take care of your newborn baby at birth.

All of the houses we provide for the accommodation service are owned by Granada Conceptions. This is a distinguished bonus exclusively for our honored international clients. We have developed and practice a successful protocol to meet the needs of both our international parents and their surrogates so that everyone feels fulfilled in their surrogacy journey despite the distance.