Introduction of Surrogacy

As a Surrogate you will get:

Cash Compensation up to $60K
Health & Life Insurance Covered
Legal & Psychological Supports

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy involves the act of one woman carrying a child for another. Generally, there are two types: "Gestational" (the surrogate has no biological relationship to the child and is only acting as the "host womb") and "traditional" (the surrogate's own egg/ovum is being utilized to create the child, thus introducing a direct biological relationship with the woman carrying the baby). In Granada Conception, we only provide gestational surrogacy service.

Why become a surrogate mother?

The choice to help someone who has struggled with infertility realizes his or her dream of having a child can be the most rewarding experience of your life. Being a surrogate not only allows you to have a chance to give such a precious gift but also gives you the opportunity to contribute financially to your own family, maybe fulfill your dreams for starting a new business or completing or starting your education or buying a home.

What is the benefit package the surrogate mother get?

Surrogacy is a life changing experience! At Granada Conceptions, we offer a generous Benefit package consistent with reputable industry professionals in addition to special bonuses; all pregnancy related expenses paid, lost wages, childcare and travel. We ensure our Surrogate Mothers also receive proper health and life insurance coverage, psychological and nutritional support.

  • First time California Surrogates - will expect to receive a benefit package up to $40,000
  • Experienced California Surrogates - will expect to receive a benefit package up to $50,000
  • Out-of-Status Surrogates - will expect to receive a benefit package up to $40,000

Benefit Package noted above may vary depending on where the surrogate resides and/or other concessions such as previous surrogate experience or existing health insurance.

How to become a Surrogate

Eligibility for being a surrogate mother:

  1. Must reside in the United States
  2. Good Physical Health including reproductive health (No major health issues or concerns)
  3. Good age range (Typically between 21-40 years of age)
  4. Non-smoking/Non-drug using
  5. Must have had at least one child
  6. No previous complications with any pregnancy
  7. Healthy weight range (BMI need not to exceed 28)
  8. Financially stable/self-supporting (must not be receiving any government assistance)
  9. Emotionally secure
  10. Good support system
  11. Must have reliable transportation

Application process for surrogate mother:

  1. Counseling with agency about the process of becoming a surrogate mother
  2. You will be required to complete an on-line application and accompanying agency forms, which will be provided to you by email.
  3. An insurance specialist to verify your health insurance coverage, and assist you in obtaining a life insurance policy paid for by the intended parents
  4. A case manager who works closely with you, the intended parents during all phases of the surrogacy process
  5. Psychological, background and medical pre-screening must also be completed.

Once all these clearances are received, your profile will be made live on our system and you will be presented with profiles of prospective intended parents to review and based on your interest and feedback we will schedule a day for you to meet up with the intended parents of your choosing.